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Double Extracted Turkey Tail Tincture

Double Extracted Turkey Tail Tincture

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Introducing our exceptional Double Extracted Turkey Tail Tincture, a powerhouse of immune support and holistic wellness. With Prairie Doctor, you’re able to conveniently implement the purest form of Turkey Tail into your daily routine to feel the invigorating and captivating essence of this powerful mushroom.

Each droplet of our tincture captures the essence of Turkey Tail mushrooms, enriched with essential compounds such as polysaccharides, beta-glucans, and antioxidants. This unique blend works synergistically to support immune function, enhance the body's natural defences, and promote a state of balance and vitality.


May help with the following:

- To support immune health and strengthen the immune system.
- To support a healthy liver.
- To support digestion and to help soothe the digestive tract.
- As a source of antioxidants.
- Bone Strength and Health

How to Enjoy

Take the recommended serving by placing it under the tongue and swallow for best results or add it to your preferred beverage.

Recommended Dose: 2-3ml, 2x per day (Adults)

Warning: Hot Beverages may affect efficacy of the product.

Ingredients & Info

Latin Name: Trametes versicolor

Part Used: Turkey Tail Fruiting Body.

NPN: 80119118

Extraction: 1:4 (250mg/ml)

Grown: Organic

Origin: China

Ingredients: Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom, Non-GMO Cane Alcohol, Distilled Water.

Risk Info:

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use of our double extracted Turkey Tail mushroom tincture if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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