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We're always excited to hear from you! Please keep in mind that we're a small family business, while we do our best to get back as soon as possible it can take a few business days to respond.

For custom formula requests, please note that we do not write or create formulas ourselves. We are happy to help you by blending a custom product, but we kindly ask that you submit a completed formula from an herbalist, naturopath or other holistic practitioner.

See our FAQ section below for quick answers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Products Organic?

Almost all of our products are certified organic, with the exception of a few!

If they aren't organic, they're what we like to called "uncertified organic" meaning that while they don't have the official certification they do meet all the requirements and standards! This is often the case when we buy from smaller, local growers as obtaining certification can be quite a costly and gruesome process so they simply decide not to. But don't fret! All of our herbs and materials come to us with extensive testing and research behind them to ensure they are the best quality possible.

Where Do You Source From?

We source our materials from around the world! While approximately 80% of them are sustainably sourced from within the Pacific Northwest, we do have to bring some items in from overseas (like Kava from the South Pacific).

We are incredibly diligent about our sourcing and can guarantee that we've put extensive time and research into picking the best items possible.

If there's a specific material you're curious about, please fill out the contact form below and we'll be happy to chat you through it!

When Can I Expect My Order?

We like to think we're pretty dang good at getting orders out the door as fast as possible - usually within 1 or 2 business days. Should this not be the case, we'll be sure to contact you and let you know.

Once the orders are out of our hands and into the hands of Canada Post, timing can vary! For those living here on the west coast in a larger city or town, orders typically take 2-4 business days for delivery. Orders from the rest of the country tend to take anywhere from 7-14 business days. Don't quote us on this though, your best bet will be checking the tracking number attached to your order!

Will You Do Custom Formulas?

We sure will! We're happy to fulfill custom formulas as long as your promise you've done your research and consulted a health care professional to ensure the product is well informed. Fill out the form below with your completed formula and we'll get started on it as soon as possible.